Name Category Project # Released
Michigan Integrated Data Automated System and Michigan Web Account Manager – Selected General and Application Controls, Unemployment Insurance Agency 186-0593-21 20220517May 2022
State Parks’ Concessions, Leases, and Operating Agreements, Parks and Recreation Division 751-0135-21 20220517May 2022
Michigan Long Term Care Ombudsman Program, Health and Aging Services Administration 391-0571-21 20220510May 2022
Michigan Legislative Retirement System 900-0140-22 20220506May 2022
Michigan State Police Retirement System 071-0154-22 20220503May 2022
Michigan Public School Employees’ Retirement System 071-0152-22 20220428April 2022
Michigan State Employees’ Retirement System 071-0151-22 20220428April 2022
Michigan Department of Education Employee’s Use of Assigned State Vehicle 921-MDOE-02 20220421April 2022
Self-Insurers’ Security Fund 186-0101-22 20220420April 2022
Aboveground and Underground Storage Tank Programs, Storage Tank Section, Bureau of Fire Services 641-0436-21 20220415April 2022
Farm Produce Insurance Authority Contract Audit 20220414April 2022
Michigan Strategic Fund 186-0401-22 20220405April 2022
SOM Annual Comprehensive Financial Report 071-0010-22 20220405April 2022
State Building Authority Contract Audit 20220331March 2022
Unemployment Insurance Agency – Unemployment Compensation Fund (Reissued) Contract Audit 20220331March 2022
Negotiation of Consultant Contracts 591-0211-20 20220330March 2022
Michigan State Housing Development Authority (Reissued) Contract Audit 20220327March 2022
Michigan Economic Development Corporation 186-0406-22 20220325March 2022
Personnel Management Processes During the Covid-19 Pandemic, Unemployment Insurance Agency 186-0310-21 20220318March 2022
Medicaid Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Services 391-0715-20 20220316March 2022
Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) Client Eligibility Determinations 391-0710-19 20220311March 2022
Bureau of Elections 231-0235-21 20220304March 2022
Unemployment Insurance Agency – Administration Fund Contract Audit 20220225February 2022
Bureau of State Lottery Contract Audit 20220225February 2022
Unemployment Insurance Agency – Obligation Trust Fund Contract Audit 20220225February 2022
Unemployment Insurance Agency – Contingent Fund Contract Audit 20220225February 2022
Michigan Judges’ Retirement System 071-0153-22 20220218February 2022
Adult Protective Services 431-2601-20 20220218February 2022
Michigan Military Retirement Provisions 071-0158-22 20220218February 2022
State Sponsored Group Insurance Fund 071-0143-22 20220215February 2022
Michigan Education Trust Plan D Contract Audit 20220211February 2022
Michigan Education Trust Plans B & C Contract Audit 20220211February 2022
State of Michigan 457 Plan 071-0157-22 20220201February 2022
State of Michigan 401K Plan 071-0156-22 20220201February 2022
Michigan Finance Authority Contract Audit 20220128January 2022
Partnership. Accountability. Training. Hope. (PATH) Program Deferrals 431-3302-21 20220128January 2022
Michigan Achieving a Better Life Experience Program Contract Audit 20220118January 2022
Review of COVID-19 Death Records Linked to Long-Term Care Facilities in Michigan 20220117January 2022
Administration of Act 51-Related Funds 591-0410-21 20220112January 2022
Mackinac Bridge Authority Contract Audit 20211230December 2021
Select Licensing and Monitoring Activities of Child Placing Agencies 431-2780-16 20211222December 2021
Michigan Education Savings Program Contract Audit 20211221December 2021
Flint Water Service Line Replacement Expenditures 761-3017-21 20211221December 2021
Grain Dealers Program 791-0240-21 20211221December 2021
OAG Annual Report – Fiscal Year 2021 20211208December 2021
Michigan Liquor Control Commission 641-0161-21 20211124November 2021
Establishing Pandemic Unemployment Assistance Eligibility Criteria, Unemployment Insurance Agency 186-0319-21A 20211118November 2021
Workforce and Succession Planning System 591-0423-22 20211117November 2021
Michigan State Employees’ Retirement System – Schedule of Employer Allocations and Schedules of Pension and Other Postemployment Benefit Amounts by Employer 071-0165-21 20211029October 2021
COVID-19 Expenditures 000-2000-20E 20211028October 2021
Selected Activities Within the Bureau of Construction Codes 641-0240-20 20211027October 2021
Aging and Adult Services Agency – Follow-Up Report 391-0645-18F 20211014October 2021
Employee Benefits Division’s Postemployment Life Insurance Benefit 071-0168-21 20211012October 2021
Emergency 9-1-1 Fund 271-0265-20 20211006October 2021