Health and Human Services

Name Category Project # Released
Interstate Compact Programs: Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children and Interstate Compact for Juveniles 431-0273-15 20171220December 2017
Walter P. Reuther Psychiatric Hospital 391-0230-16 20171114November 2017
Child Care Fund – Follow-Up Report 431-1400-13F 20170803August 2017
Medicaid Ambulance, Dental, and Emergency Room Claim Payments 391-0716-16 20170801August 2017
Michigan Statewide Automated Child Welfare Information System (MiSACWIS) 431-0520-16 20170627June 2017
Capitated Rate Setting, Contracting, and Beneficiary Enrollment Processes of the Comprehensive Health Care Program 391-0701-16 20170412April 2017
Michigan State Disbursement Unit 431-0142-16 20161012October 2016
Adult Protective Services – Follow-Up Report 431-2601-13F 20160914September 2016
Child Care Fund 431-1400-13 20160611June 2016
Home Health Services 391-0700-15 20160511May 2016
Children’s Special Health Care Services 391-0724-15 20160311March 2016
Youth Transitioning From Foster Care to Self-Sufficiency – Follow-Up Report 431-0279-11F 20151027October 2015
Youth Transitioning From Foster Care to Self-Sufficiency 431-0279-11F 20151011October 2015