Name Category Project # Released
Bureau of State Lottery Contract Audit 20230321March 2023
Michigan Public School Employees’ Retirement System 071-0152-23 20230320March 2023
Michigan Strategic Fund 186-0401-23 20230316March 2023
Michigan Economic Development Corporation 186-0406-23 20230315March 2023
Licensing and Inspections of Homes for the Aged, Bureau of Community and Health Systems 641-0452-22 20230314March 2023
Michigan State Employees’ Retirement System 071-0151-23 20230310March 2023
Michigan State Police Retirement System 071-0154-23 20230310March 2023
Michigan Judges’ Retirement System 071-0153-23 20230308March 2023
Contractor and Consultant Performance Evaluation Process 591-0425-22 20230308March 2023
Employee Benefits Division’s Postemployment Life Insurance Benefit 071-0168-22 20230302March 2023
Unemployment Insurance Agency – Obligation Trust Fund Contract Audit 20230228February 2023
Unemployment Insurance Agency – Contingent Fund Contract Audit 20230228February 2023
Unemployment Insurance Agency – Unemployment Compensation Fund Contract Audit 20230228February 2023
Unemployment Insurance Agency – Administration Fund Contract Audit 20230228February 2023
Michigan Legislative Retirement System 900-0140-22 20230228February 2023
Michigan Military Retirement Provisions 071-0158-23 20230223February 2023
State Sponsored Group Insurance Fund 071-0143-23 20230217February 2023
State Building Authority Contract Audit 20230201February 2023
Michigan Finance Authority Contract Audit 20230130January 2023
Mackinac Bridge Authority Contract Audit 20230130January 2023
State of Michigan 457 Plan 071-0157-23 20230113January 2023
State of Michigan 401K Plan 071-0156-23 20230113January 2023
Michigan Education Trust Plans B & C Contract Audit 20230107January 2023
Michigan Education Trust Plan D Contract Audit 20230107January 2023
Claims Processing During the COVID-19 Pandemic, Unemployment Insurance Agency 186-0319-21 20230106January 2023
Flint Water Service Line Replacement Expenditures 761-3017-22 20230106January 2023
Office of Children’s Ombudsman 071-0176-17F 20230106January 2023
Michigan Veterans’ Facility Authority 511-0101-22 20221229December 2022
Michigan Education Savings Program Contract Audit 20221224December 2022
Business Compliance and Regulation Division 231-0270-21 20221222December 2022
Aggregate Quality Process 591-0420-21 20221221December 2022
Camp Licensing, Bureau of Community and Health Systems 641-0453-22 20221213December 2022
Use of Warranties 591-0320-20F 20221213December 2022
Enterprise Data Warehouse 071-0520-14F 20221202December 2022
Physical Security and Environmental Controls Over Information Technology Resources 071-0500-15F 20221123November 2022
Emergency 9-1-1 Fund 271-0265-22 20221118November 2022
OAG Annual Report – Fiscal Year 2022 20221117November 2022
Select Stewardship Activities for Michigan’s Historical Artifacts and Archival Records, Michigan History Center 751-2600-21 20221110November 2022
Flint Emergency Expenditures 000-2021-21F 20221104November 2022
Women’s Huron Valley Correctional Facility (WHVCF) and WHVCF – Medical, Dental, and Optical Services 471-0241-17F and 471-0301-19F 20221101November 2022
Michigan State Employees’ Retirement System – Schedule of Employer Allocations and Schedules of Pension and Other Postemployment Benefit Amounts by Employer 071-0165-22 20221031October 2022
Michigan State Housing Development Authority Contract Audit 20221026October 2022
Real Estate Services Section, Development Services Division 591-0172-17F 20221021October 2022
Customer and Automotive Records System (CARS), Vehicle Component 231-0592-22 20221020October 2022
Clean Michigan Initiative, Environmental Protection Programs 761-0217-22 20221020October 2022