Name Category Project # Released
Office of Educator Excellence 313-0140-18 20210323March 2021
Section 31a Program for At-Risk Pupils 313-0160-19 20201117November 2020
Virtual Learning in Traditional Public Schools 313-0224-16 20200813August 2020
Great Start Readiness Program – Follow-Up Report 313-0260-15F 20200616June 2020
Michigan Department of Education’s Assessment of Digital Literacy Pilot Project Grant and Contracting Awarding Processes 919-MDOE-01 20190823August 2019
Michigan Virtual University 313-0223-17 20180405April 2018
Great Start Readiness Program 313-0260-15 20170511May 2017
Early On – Follow-Up Report 313-2000-12F 20161228December 2016
Office of Professional Preparation Services – Follow-Up Report 313-0140-10F 20151027October 2015