Who are we?

We are the independent oversight agency for State government. Our mission is to improve the accountability for public funds and to improve State government operations for the benefit of Michigan’s citizens.

The OAG’s most important asset is its team members.

We operate under five core values that support our mission, vision, and culture.  These values bring out the best in our team members and help ensure their success. They include:

    • Be a Good Teammate.
    • Have Some Fun.
    • Own Your Work.
    • Make a Difference.
    • Empower Others.

Our team members also participate in several networking opportunities outside the normal workday, including a golf league, an annual golf outing, a summer picnic, a softball team, a kickball team, and a book club.

Check out our YouTubeChannel: https://www.youtube.com/@MIAUDGEN/videos for more information on the OAG.