Office of the Auditor General operational areas and staff:

Doug A. Ringler, CPA, CIA, Auditor General -
Jill A. Bierstetel, Senior Executive Management Assistant -
Laura J. Hirst, CPA, Deputy Auditor General -
Amanda A. Feldpausch, Senior Executive Management Assistant -
Bryan W. Weiler, CFE, Chief Investigator -
Scot E. Hazel, CFE, Investigative Audit Manager -
Mark A. Lee, CFE, Investigative Analytics Audit Manager -
Kelly C. Miller, State Relations Officer -
Laura J. Hirst, CPA, Director -
Amanda A. Feldpausch, Senior Executive Management Assistant -

Assistant to the Director of Audit Operations
Duane L. Smiley, CPA, Assistant Director -

Audit Division Administrators
Yvonne L. Benn, CPA -
Leah M. Decker, CPA -
Tracy L. Jelneck, CPA -
Shelly M. Jensen, CPA, CISA -
Michael J. Ventura, CPA -
Bryan W. Weiler, CFE -

Audit Managers
Nanci A. Bashore, CPA, CFE -
Keith W. Edwards, CPA, CISA -
Ivy M. Jaroche, CPA -
Brittney E. Simon, CPA -
Rod A. Wlock -

Principal Audit Supervisors
Ryan D. Austin -
Aaron S. David -
Brent A. Johnson, CPA, CFE -
Charles R. Kern II, CISA -
Chad J. Monger -
Rebecca J. Murray, CPA, CISA -
Angela M. Shinaver -

Mentoring Program Administrator
Lori M. Leaming, CPA -

Data Analysis
Brian T. Buckner, Performance Supervisor -
Kevin D. Bashore -
Brian C. Hovey, CPA, Financial Supervisor -
Daniel P. Juzwiak -

Senior Audit Supervisors
Jessica C. Armstrong, CFE -
Heidi Herendeen -
Kelly D. Miller -
Jordan M. Schafer -
Kaitlyn M. Snyder -

Report Finalization and Publication
Amanda A. Feldpausch, SEMA, Supervisor -
Carissa L. Hedley -

Audit Supervisors
Kevin C. Baker, CPA -
Zachary J. Bartholomy -
Sara A. Crawford -
Joshua M. Davis -
Jose De La Rosa Rodriguez, CISA -
Alexander R. Dutkiewicz -
Cali A. Garner, CPA -
Lisa S. Harral, CPA -
Natalie J. Heckman, CISA -
Erin J. Isakson, CPA -
Nathan R. Klein -
Melanie Rae Marks, CFE -
Courtney A. Patrick, CPA, CIA -
Lisa R. Taylor -
Matthew G. Wierzba -

Senior Auditors
Pebblesann L. Adsit, CPA -
Nicholas A. Anderson -
Seth C. Austin -
Bryce L. Bailey -
Derek D. Bengel, CPA -
Chase A. Benson -
Paulette L. BeVier -
Nicholas J. Blake -
James A. Brach, CPA, CFE -
Bradley J. Buurstra, CPA -
Nicholas C. Castanon, CPA -
Quinton E. Colwell, CPA -
Nicholas J. Combs -
Rena J. Curtis -
Miriam C. Dean -
Diane L. DeLuca, CPA -
Albert N. Dupuy, II -
Robert J. Erekson, CPA -
Ronald L. Freeman -
Jill E. Gard -
Evan J. Groot -
Jacquelyn M. Grunn -
Danielle L. Guilford -
Bryan W. Harvey -
Grant A. Hengesbach, CPA -
Haley B. Jarvis -
Daniel P. Juzwiak -
Matthew T. Lampert, CPA -
Jessica L. Lane -
Brandon C. Makley, CFE -
Lindsey N. Martin, CPA -
Brittany A. Merrill -
Samantha A. Morris -
Ashley L. Neff -
Daniel J. Palka -
Pamela J. Platter -
Kimberly R. Poljan, CPA, CIA -
Ross D. Raymond -
Marenzie L. Robinson -
Cassidy N. Running, CPA -
Andrew J. Russell -
Douglas R. Sawicki -
Matthew J. Scarbrough, CPA -
Susanna R. Sepulveda -
Sandra L. Streb, CPA -
McKinzie Sullivan -
Celeste D. Taylor -
Matthew D. Tompkins -
Connor A.M. Trentadue -
Audra C. Turner, CPA -
Laura M. Ventura -
Stephanie F. West, CPA -

Staff Auditors
Brooke R. Berman -
Abria D. Blanchard -
Anita L. Brown -
Jason W. Czolgosz -
Alaina D. Dempsey -
Heather M. Engel -
Matthew A. Felt -
Taylor A. Graham -
Julius Hampton Jr. -
Kyle D. Hengesbach -
Aubrey A. Jackson -
Lisa A. Karides -
Malcolm A. Krueger, CPA -
Nelleke J. Langdon -
Britten R. Livermore -
Alicia M. Lott -
Brandon D. Luttig -
Michaela H. Mattson -
Mackenzie R. Mooney -
Andrew J. Netzley -
Ronald L. Orent, Jr. -
Marcus R. Rich -
Rianna M. Richardson -
Kelsey J. Shock -
Tyler W. Sills -
Adam N. Sinclair -
Autumn R. Spencer -
Brandon D. Sweet -
Selene Vega-Albor -

Auditor Interns
Savannah R. Dowdy -
Margeaux E. Labadie -
Craig M. Murray, CPA, CGFM, CIA, Director -

Audit Report Review
Kelly L. Bengel, CPA, Managing Editor -
Amy M. Sands -

Working Paper Review
Michele M. Elms, CPA - Manager -
Lisa R. Kreiter -
Jesse R. Soerries, CPA, CISA -

Research and Professional Standards
Michele M. Elms, CPA -
Dodi E. Smith, CPA, CISA, Chief Information Officer -

Information Security
Brian W. Piggott, Chief Security Officer -
Scott V. Cookenmaster -
James A.N. Stanley, CISA -

Information Technology Operations
Cicely J. Merrell, Chief Technology Officer -
Jeffrey J. Mikula, CNA, IT Specialist -
Jason M. Michels, CNA, IT Specialist -
Todd E. Bertolozzi -
Anton R. Buntic -
Robert M. Davis -

Application and Development
Dane M. Jurkovic, Manager -
Edward R. Kodish, IT Specialist -
Paul J. Green, CPA, CIA, CISA, Director -

Administrative Services
Jackie S. Lawson, CPA, CGFM, Assistant Director -
Michele L. Novak, CPA, CIA, Professional Development Coordinator -
MaryKay Walker, Accounting and Budget -
Mary Jo Baker, Human Resources Analyst -
Jarita E. Qawwee, SEMA/Clerical Support -

Office Services
Devon C. Beauford -