Completed Projects

Completed Projects – 2024

Name Category Project # Released
Michigan Strategic Fund 185-0401-24 20240229February 2024
SOM Annual Comprehensive Financial Report 071-0010-24 20240228February 2024
Michigan Economic Development Corporation 815-0406-24 20240226February 2024
Michigan Military Retirement Provisions 071-0158-24 20240221February 2024
Michigan State Police Retirement System 071-0154-24 20240221February 2024
Michigan Judges’ Retirement System 071-0153-24 20240221February 2024
Michigan State Employees’ Retirement System 071-0151-24 20240221February 2024
Michigan Veterans’ Facility Authority 512-0101-24 20240214February 2024
Bureau of State Lottery Contract Audit 20240212February 2024
Michigan Legislative Retirement System 900-0140-24 20240209February 2024
State of Michigan 401K Plan 071-0156-24 20240206February 2024
State of Michigan 457 Plan 071-0157-24 20240206February 2024
Michigan Education Trust (A Discretely Presented Component Unit of the State of Michigan) Contract Audit 20240131January 2024
State Sponsored Group Insurance Fund 171-0143-24 20240129January 2024
Livestock Markets Program, Animal Industry Division 791-0211-23 20240117January 2024
State Building Authority Contract Audit 20240116January 2024
AASHTOWare Project Construction and Materials 591-0591-23 20240112January 2024
Office of Aeronautics 591-0190-22 20231228December 2023
Michigan Education Savings Program Contract Audit 20231227December 2023
Fraud and Investigation Activities, Unemployment Insurance Agency 186-0320-22 20231227December 2023
Unemployment Insurance Agency – Administration Fund Contract Audit 20231227December 2023
Michigan Finance Authority Contract Audit 20231227December 2023
OAG Annual Report – Fiscal Year 2023 20231221December 2023
Unemployment Insurance Agency – Unemployment Compensation Fund Contract Audit 20231220December 2023
Unemployment Insurance Agency – Contingent Fund Contract Audit 20231220December 2023
Unemployment Insurance Agency – Obligation Trust Fund Contract Audit 20231220December 2023
Mackinac Bridge Authority (A Discretely Presented Component Unit of the State of Michigan) Contract Audit 20231220December 2023
Construction Contractor Claim Process 591-0422-23 20231128November 2023
Real Estate Acquisition and Disposition 751-0155-23 20231117November 2023
IT Equipment Surplus and Salvage 071-0515-19F 20231109November 2023
COVID-19 Expenditures 000-2000-20F 20231108November 2023
Michigan State Housing Development Authority (A Component Unit of the State of Michigan) Contract Audit 20231101November 2023
State Agencies’ Use of Transportation-Related Fundings 591-0105-23 20231031October 2023
Partnership. Accountability. Training. Hope. (PATH) Program Deferrals 431-3302-23 20231020October 2023

    * Section 18.1462 of the Michigan Compiled Laws states:
    “Upon completion of an audit, the principal executive officer of a state agency which is audited shall submit a plan to comply with the audit recommendations to the state budget office.
    The plan shall be prepared in accordance with procedures prescribed by the state budget director. Copies of the plan shall be distributed in accordance with the administrative guide to state government. Copies shall also be distributed to relevant house and senate appropriations subcommittees, relevant house and senate standing committees, fiscal agencies, and the executive office.”