Archive 2020

Completed Projects – 2020

Name Category Project # Released
Statewide Data Classification Management 071-0514-20 20200929September 2020
Special Alternative Incarceration Program for Men 471-0202-19 20200924September 2020
Community College Skilled Trades Equipment Program 186-0440-20 20200922September 2020
COVID-19 Expenditures 000-2000-20B 20200918September 2020
Adult Education Program 186-0720-18 20200904September 2020
Virtual Learning in Traditional Public Schools 313-0224-16 20200813August 2020
Contact Tracing Award and Withdrawal 20200807August 2020
Flint Emergency Expenditures 000-2020-20 20200731July 2020
Kalamazoo Psychiatric Hospital 391-0220-19 20200728July 2020
Michigan Public School Employees’ Retirement System – Schedules of Employer Pension and Other Postemployment Benefit Allocations and Schedules of Collective Pension and Other Postemployment Benefit Amounts 071-0164-20 20200709July 2020
Revenue Subject to Constitutional Limitation – Section 26 071-0030-20 20200630June 2020
Total State Spending Paid to Local Units – Section 30 071-0031-20 20200630June 2020
COVID-19 Expenditures 000-2000-20 20200625June 2020
Women’s Huron Valley Correctional Facility – Medical, Dental, and Optical Services 471-0301-19 20200617June 2020
Great Start Readiness Program – Follow-Up Report 313-0260-15F 20200616June 2020
Traffic and Safety Section 591-0162-19 20200611June 2020
Statewide Microsoft SQL Database Controls 071-0571-19 20200609June 2020
Sustainability Section 761-0335-19 20200603June 2020
SOMCAFR 071-0010-20 20200512May 2020
Information Technology Fund and IT Billings 071-0137-19 20200508May 2020
Walter P. Reuther Psychiatric Hospital – Follow-Up Report 391-0230-16F 20200428April 2020
Michigan Public School Employees’ Retirement System 071-0152-20 20200421April 2020
Bureau of Services for Blind Persons – Follow-Up Report 641-0230-16F 20200416April 2020
Self-Insurers’ Security Fund 186-0101-20 20200331March 2020
Farm Produce Insurance Authority Contract Audit 20200331March 2020
Michigan Integrated Tax Administration System (MIITAS) 271-0595-19 20200320March 2020
Office of Land Survey and Remonumentation 641-0991-19 20200318March 2020
Unemployment Insurance Agency – Unemployment Compensation Fund Contract Audit 20200303March 2020
Unemployment Insurance Agency – Obligation Trust Fund Contract Audit 20200303March 2020
Unemployment Insurance Agency – Contingent Fund Contract Audit 20200303March 2020
Unemployment Insurance Agency – Administration Fund Contract Audit 20200303March 2020
Claimant Services – Follow-Up Report 641-0318-14F 20200225February 2020
Michigan State Employees’ Retirement System 071-0151-20 20200220February 2020
Michigan Strategic Fund 186-0401-20 20200220February 2020
Michigan Economic Development Corporation 186-0406-20 20200220February 2020
State Building Authority Contract Audit 20200210February 2020
Bureau of State Lottery Contract Audit 20200206February 2020
Michigan Education Trust Plans B & C Contract Audit 20200206February 2020
Michigan Education Trust Plan D Contract Audit 20200206February 2020
Bureau of Finance and Administration 591-0130-19 20200205February 2020
Michigan Judges’ Retirement System 071-0153-20 20200204February 2020
Michigan Military Retirement Provisions 071-0158-20 20200204February 2020
Michigan State Police Retirement System 071-0154-20 20200204February 2020
Michigan House of Representative Information Technology Task Force 071-0585-20 20200131January 2020
Flint Emergency Expenditures 000-2019-20 20200131January 2020
Grand Rapids Home for Veterans – Follow-Up Report 511-0170-18F 20200130January 2020
IT Equipment Surplus and Salvage 071-0515-19 20200129January 2020
Michigan Achieving a Better Life Experience Program – 2019 Contract Audit 20200124January 2020
State of Michigan 457 Plan 071-0157-20 20200122January 2020
Food and Dairy Division – Follow-Up Report 791-0200-12F 20200122January 2020
Michigan Legislative Retirement System 900-0140-20 20200122January 2020
State of Michigan 401K Plan 071-0156-20 20200122January 2020
Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Section, Division of Recovery Oriented Systems of Care 391-0670-19 20200121January 2020
Selected Sections of the Division of Recovery Oriented System of Care 391-0671-19 20200121January 2020
Michigan Finance Authority Contract Audit 20200108January 2020
Mackinac Bridge Authority Contract Audit 20200107January 2020
MILogin 071-0570-18 20191227December 2019
Bureau of Elections 231-0235-19 20191227December 2019
Michigan Education Savings Program Contract Audit 20191226December 2019
State Sponsored Group Insurance Fund Contract Audit 20191226December 2019
Office of Hearings and Administrative Oversight 231-0233-19 20191220December 2019
Community Development, Revitalization, and Blight Elimination Programs 186-0210-20 20191219December 2019
Michigan’s Public Safety Communications System 071-0147-18 20191210December 2019
Workers’ Disability Compensation Agency 641-0470-18 20191205December 2019
Michigan State Housing Development Authority Cash and Investments 186-0201-19 20191204December 2019
Prisoner Security Classification and Recommended Programming 471-0350-18 20191127November 2019
Michigan State Employees’ Retirement System – Schedule of Employer Allocations and Schedules of Pension and Other Postemployment Benefit Amounts by Employer 071-0165-19 20191126November 2019
Administration of Medicaid Payments to Nursing Facilities for Long-Term Care 391-0570-18 20191115November 2019
Michigan Liquor Control Commission 641-0161-19 20191113November 2019
OAG Annual Report – Fiscal Year 2019 20191107November 2019
Aging and Adult Services Agency 391-0645-18 20191029October 2019
Michigan Department of Transportation’s Procurement of the Michigan Aggregates Market Study 919-MDOT-02 20191018October 2019
Flint Water Service Line Replacement Expenditures 761-3017-19 20191016October 2019
Employee Benefits Division’s Postemployment Life Insurance Benefit 071-0168-19 20191011October 2019
Michigan State Housing Development Authority Contract Audit 20191010October 2019

    * Section 18.1462 of the Michigan Compiled Laws states:
    “Upon completion of an audit, the principal executive officer of a state agency which is audited shall submit a plan to comply with the audit recommendations to the state budget office.
    The plan shall be prepared in accordance with procedures prescribed by the state budget director. Copies of the plan shall be distributed in accordance with the administrative guide to state government. Copies shall also be distributed to relevant house and senate appropriations subcommittees, relevant house and senate standing committees, fiscal agencies, and the executive office.”