Name Category Project # Released
Michigan Achieving a Better Life Experience Program – 2019 Contract Audit 20200124January 2020
State of Michigan 457 Plan 071-0157-20 20200122January 2020
Food and Dairy Division – Follow-Up Report 791-0200-12F 20200122January 2020
Michigan Legislative Retirement System 900-0140-20 20200122January 2020
State of Michigan 401K Plan 071-0156-20 20200122January 2020
Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Section, Division of Recovery Oriented Systems of Care 391-0670-19 20200121January 2020
Selected Sections of the Division of Recovery Oriented System of Care 391-0671-19 20200121January 2020
Michigan Finance Authority Contract Audit 20200108January 2020
Mackinac Bridge Authority Contract Audit 20200107January 2020
MILogin 071-0570-18 20191227December 2019
Bureau of Elections 231-0235-19 20191227December 2019
Michigan Education Savings Program Contract Audit 20191226December 2019
State Sponsored Group Insurance Fund Contract Audit 20191226December 2019
Office of Hearings and Administrative Oversight 231-0233-19 20191220December 2019
Community Development, Revitalization, and Blight Elimination Programs 186-0210-20 20191219December 2019
Michigan’s Public Safety Communications System 071-0147-18 20191210December 2019
Workers’ Disability Compensation Agency 641-0470-18 20191205December 2019
Michigan State Housing Development Authority Cash and Investments 186-0201-19 20191204December 2019
Prisoner Security Classification and Recommended Programming 471-0350-18 20191127November 2019
Michigan State Employees’ Retirement System – Schedule of Employer Allocations and Schedules of Pension and Other Postemployment Benefit Amounts by Employer 071-0165-19 20191126November 2019
Administration of Medicaid Payments to Nursing Facilities for Long-Term Care 391-0570-18 20191115November 2019
Michigan Liquor Control Commission 641-0161-19 20191113November 2019
OAG Annual Report – Fiscal Year 2019 20191107November 2019
Aging and Adult Services Agency 391-0645-18 20191029October 2019
Michigan Department of Transportation’s Procurement of the Michigan Aggregates Market Study 919-MDOT-02 20191018October 2019
Flint Water Service Line Replacement Expenditures 761-3017-19 20191016October 2019
Employee Benefits Division’s Postemployment Life Insurance Benefit 071-0168-19 20191011October 2019
Michigan State Housing Development Authority Contract Audit 20191010October 2019