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Performance Audit of Hunting Permits Selection

Receives AOPTA Award for Six-Month Period - Ended March 31, 2003

Scott Strong, Director of Audit Operations, is pleased to announce that the performance audit of Hunting Permits Selection, Department of Natural Resources (DNR), is the winner of the AOPTA for the six-month period ended March 31, 2003. The audit team consisted of Susan Curtis, supervisor, and team member Pam Huffman, with technical assistance by Andy Mitchell.

Hunting permits selection is a function conducted through the shared responsibilities of DNR’s Wildlife Division and DNR contractor EDS Corporation. The audit team had to learn the operating characteristics of DNR’s EDP hunting license sales system and the statutory policy structure of the hunting permits programs, and then design and carry out analytical and testing methodologies to assess the extent to which the policy was effectively implemented. The team performed many EDP extracts and file matches.

The audit team developed and administered a comprehensive survey of applicants. This survey was critical in providing evidence of the public’s general belief that the system was fair. The audit team also conducted statistical analysis of selection results to assess for bias in the selections.

The audit team met its budget target for completion of the audit and was very diligent throughout the report processing phase to ensure that the report was issued timely.

The audit identified several areas in which the hunting permits selection function was vulnerable to circumvention by applicants. The audit also determined that the vulnerability had not yet been significantly exploited.

The audit report was well received by DNR and the Natural Resources Commission. The pertinent committee of the Commission held an extensive public discussion on the audit report. The committee chair concluded the meeting by expressing appreciation for the work done and the positive focus of the report.

Throughout the audit, the audit team exhibited the utmost in creativity, enthusiasm, objectivity and professionalism, which resulted in an excellent audit.

In recognition of their selection, the audit team members will be Mr. McTavish’s guests for lunch, will have a letter of commendation placed in their personnel and evaluation files, and will have their names engraved on the AOPTA plaque that is prominently displayed in the OAG office.

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