State Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Board (Children Trust Michigan) - 431-0178-23

Description of Agency

The Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Act (Public Act 250 of 1982) created the State Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Board as an autonomous agency within the former Department of Management and Budget and delineates the Board’s powers and duties. Today, the Board is administered under the supervision of the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) and referred to as Children Trust Michigan (CTM). CTM is the Michigan Chapter of Prevent Child Abuse America with a mission of providing financial support, education, and resources to a network of partners throughout Michigan that work to prevent child abuse and neglect by strengthening families. The CTM unit within MDHHS carries out many activities for the Board including, but not limited to, administering CTM’s annual fundraising auction event and managing grant procurement and oversight. The Children’s Trust Fund (CTF) created by Public Act 249 of 1982 provides funding for CTM’s direct service prevention programs, grants to local councils, and administrative costs. In fiscal year 2022, CTM reported that it expended $2.6 million on direct service prevention programs and grants to local councils.

Public Act 250 of 1982 requires the Auditor General to complete a review of the Board every three years.


Audit Objectives

  1. To assess CTM’s compliance with selected child abuse and neglect prevention laws, regulations, rules, and procedures.
  2. To assess the sufficiency of CTM’s internal control to safeguard the auction event inventory and proceeds.



Estimated Release Date: Early 2024

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