Water Resources Division: Water Withdrawal Program - 761-0153-23

Description of Agency

The Water Use Assessment Unit, within the Water Resources Division (WRD), is responsible for administering the Water Withdrawal Program, including registering large quantity water withdrawals (between 100,000 gallons and 2,000,000 gallons per day), collecting annual water use data, making determinations on the potential impacts to water resources as a result of proposed withdrawals, and processing water withdrawal permits (greater than 2,000,000 gallons per day). Water withdrawals can occur from groundwater, lakes, rivers, streams, and the Great Lakes and are used for public water supply, commercial and institutional purposes, agriculture, and thermoelectric power production. Water withdrawn from Michigan’s water supplies amounted to 8.2 billion and 7.3 billion gallons per day during calendar years 2021 and 2022, respectively.

The Program’s gross appropriations for fiscal years 2022 and 2023 were $842,900 and $863,800, respectively.

Audit Objectives

  1. To assess the sufficiency of WRD’s administration of the Water Withdrawal Program.
  2. To assess the sufficiency of WRD’s efforts to monitor the Water Withdrawal Program.
  3. To assess the effectiveness of select Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy security and access controls over the Water Withdrawal Assessment Tool and the Water Use Reporting database.


Estimated Release Date: Mid 2024

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