Traffic and Safety Section - 591-0162-19

Description of Agency

The Traffic and Safety Section, Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT), is part of the Transportation Systems Management and Operations Division. The Section participates in all phases of MDOT’s efforts to reduce traffic crashes, serious traffic injuries, traffic fatalities, vehicle delays, fuel consumption, pollution, and operating costs by increasing the safety, efficiency, and capacity of the State highway trunkline system. The Section consists of four units which are Geometric Design, Pavement Markings, Safety Programs, and Traffic Signing Units. As of July 2019, the Section was working on 51 active contractual projects totaling $7.2 million. The Section was authorized a total of $69.6 million for projects in fiscal year 2019 and has 26 employees.

Audit Objectives

  1. To assess the effectiveness of the Section’s efforts to track and analyze traffic crash trends.

  2. To assess the sufficiency of the Section’s efforts to carry out its responsibilities for highway construction design plans for the proper geometric features, pavement markings, and traffic signing.

  3. To assess the effectiveness of the Section’s efforts to administer traffic and safety-related construction and design contracts.


Estimated Release Date: April 2020

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