Regulatory Monitoring Division - 231-0220-18

Description of Agency

The Regulatory Monitoring Division’s (RMD’s) mission is to maintain effective oversight of licensed vehicle dealers, repair facilities, and mechanics. To accomplish its mission, RMD completes inspections of licensed vehicle dealers and repair facilities (including reviewing mechanic certifications) and investigates consumer complaints related to those entities. RMD attempts to inspect each vehicle dealer and repair facility every four years and to investigate consumer complaints within 150 days of receiving the complaint. As of May 23, 2018, RMD reported that the State had 5,647 licensed vehicle dealers; 8,986 licensed repair facilities; and 31,687 licensed mechanics. During calendar year 2017, RMD completed 2,288 complaint investigations.

Audit Objectives

    1. To assess the effectiveness of RMD’s efforts to inspect vehicle dealers and repair facilities.

    2. To assess the effectiveness of RMD’s efforts to document, investigate, and resolve consumer complaints.


Estimated Release Date: December 2018

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