Statewide Contracting Practices for Commodities and Professional Services, Central Procurement Services - 071-0142-19

Description of Agency

Central Procurement Services’ (CPS’s) mission is to provide State agencies with the mechanism to purchase the products and services required to serve the citizens of the State of Michigan on time, of good quality, and at a reasonable price. CPS sets policies and procedures for purchasing across State departments and manages all aspects of high-level, complex bids to help State agencies achieve their missions and ensure the best value for Michigan residents. CPS is responsible for contracting for supplies, materials, services, insurance, utilities, third-party financing, printing, and other items needed by State departments. As of May 2019, CPS identified 530 active commodities and professional services contracts totaling approximately $46.4 billion. As of July 9, 2019, CPS had 60 full-time equated positions.

Audit Objectives

  1. To assess CPS’s compliance with selected laws, rules, and regulations related to solicitations, contracts, and change notices.

  2. To assess the effectiveness of CPS’s efforts to monitor State agency compliance with delegated purchasing authority requirements.

  3. To assess the effectiveness of CPS’s efforts to monitor vendor performance.


Estimated Release Date: June 2021

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