Office of the Great Lakes - 751-0321-18

Description of Agency

The Office of the Great Lakes (OGL), Department of Natural Resources, leads efforts to protect and restore Michigan’s waters. OGL works with partners to support sustainable communities, restore degraded waters, manage water quality and quantity, and prevent aquatic invasive species. The U.S. and Canada entered into the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement in 1987 to restore 43 Areas of Concern (AOC), 14 of which are located in Michigan. The Coastal Management Program was established in 1978 and focuses on habitat, hazard management, water quality, public access, and community development. OGL oversees and monitors grants to coastal governments, nonprofit organizations, and universities. For fiscal years 2016 and 2017, OGL expended $5.5 million and $4.8 million, respectively.

Audit Objectives

  1. To assess the effectiveness of OGL’s efforts to manage Michigan’s AOC Program.

  2. To assess OGL’s compliance with requirements of the coastal management cooperative agreement.


Estimated Release Date: August 2019

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