MILogin - 071-0570-18

Description of Agency

MILogin is the State’s identity, credential, and access management solution. MILogin manages access to State of Michigan (SOM) Web-based applications and services by providing single sign-on (SSO), user authentication, and account/identity management services for internal (SOM workers) and external (third-party and citizen) users. MILogin provides centralized administration and synchronization of user identities to enable the granting and removal of user account access for State systems. MILogin allows employees to log in one time to access multiple State applications. In addition, MILogin provides citizens with the ability to self-manage their user accounts and passwords. MILogin is managed by the Department of Technology, Management, and Budget’s (DTMB’s) Center for Shared Solutions – Enterprise Data and Identity Management. As of March 2018, MILogin provided access to 188 application connections across 14 State agencies.

Audit Objectives

  1. To assess the effectiveness of controls over MILogin administration and end user account management.

  2. To assess the effectiveness of DTMB’s efforts to ensure that MILogin properly authorizes application access.

  3. To assess the effectiveness of DTMB’s controls to ensure the availability of MILogin.


Estimated Release Date: December 2019

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