Michigan Virtual University - 313-0223-17

Description of Agency

Michigan Virtual University (MVU) was established in 1998 by Governor John Engler as a private, nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation to deliver online education to meet the educational and training needs of selected industries and related employers. MVU’s functions and activities have evolved and grown since its establishment and are specifically mandated in State statute. MVU’s mission is to advance K-12 education through digital learning, research, innovation, policy, and partnerships. Working in partnership with hundreds of Michigan schools, MVU offers classes to students and professional development programs for educators through online, Web-based services.

MVU is the parent organization of the Michigan Virtual School (MVS) and Michigan Virtual Learning Research Institute (MVLRI), both created by State legislation. MVS is an online resource that enables Michigan high schools and middle schools to provide virtual courses and other learning tools. MVS enables all schools to offer students equal access to diverse courses. MVLRI was created as a center for online learning research and innovation.

MVU is governed by an independent Board of Directors composed of individuals representing business, industry, higher education, K-12 education, and State government. A portion of funding for MVU, MVS, and MLVRI is provided through annual appropriations from the Legislature.

Audit Objective

To assess Michigan Virtual University’s compliance with selected State laws.


Estimated Release Date: March 2018

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