Michigan National Guard Tuition Assistance Program - 511-0400-18

Description of Agency

Public Act 259 of 2014 established the Michigan National Guard State Tuition Assistance Program (MiNGSTAP) within the Department of Military and Veterans Affairs (DMVA). MiNGSTAP provides up to $6,000 of tuition assistance to eligible members of the Michigan National Guard who attend a public or private college, university, vocational school, technical school, or trade school located in Michigan. During fiscal years 2016 and 2017, MiNGSTAP provided 1,951 students with assistance totaling $9.7 million. MiNGSTAP is 100% funded by General Fund general purpose revenues.

Audit Objective

To assess the effectiveness of DMVA’s administration of MiNGSTAP.


Estimated Release Date: Early 2019

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