Fisheries Division - 751-0150-17

Description of Agency/Program/System

The Fisheries Division’s vision is to provide Michigan with world-class freshwater fishing opportunities that are supported by healthy aquatic environments. To accomplish this vision, the Division conducts scientific research surveys and stock assessments of the State’s waters to understand the aquatic resources, habitats, and fisheries. The scientific research survey information supports the Division’s decision-making on the types and quantities of fish to stock in Michigan waters. In calendar year 2016, the Division placed more than 34 million fish into Michigan’s waters at approximately 1,000 different stocking locations. The Division is also responsible for preventing the introduction and limiting the spread of established species, detecting and responding to new invasions, and controlling established aquatic invasive species.

Audit Objectives

  1. To assess the effectiveness of the Division’s fish stocking efforts.

  2. To assess the Division’s efforts to manage Division-owned dams and regulate State-designated natural rivers.

  3. To assess the effectiveness of the Division’s effort to address aquatic invasive species.


Estimated Release Date: February 2018

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