IT Equipment Surplus and Salvage - 071-0515-19F

Process Description

IT equipment is regularly purchased and used by State of Michigan employees to process and store data for State government operations. As this equipment becomes surplus, obsolete, or out of warranty, the State must dispose of these items in a safe and secure manner. To accomplish this, DTMB has contracted with a third-party vendor for the sanitization and disposal of unneeded IT equipment, including desktop computers, laptop computers, servers, storage and networking devices, smart phones, and tablet computers. State employees use the Automated Asset Recovery Program (AARP) System to submit unneeded equipment to DTMB for surplus and salvage. DTMB Delivery, Warehouse, and Surplus Services primarily handles the transfer and storage of equipment until vendor pickup. Workstations that are fit for reuse are stored as agency stock.


Estimated Release Date: Late 2023

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