Contractor Performance Evaluation Process - 591-0421-21

Description of Agency

The Michigan Department of Transportation’s (MDOT’s) contractor performance evaluation process evaluates contractors’ work on construction and consulting projects. MDOT’s Construction Field Services Division is primarily responsible for completing evaluations for construction and consulting projects. Construction performance evaluations include assessing the quality of a contractor’s organizational management; equipment and personnel resources; work performance; and subcontractor management. Title 23, Part 172, section 9(d)(2) of the Code of Federal Regulations requires performance evaluations for consultants that perform engineering and design-related services. Consultant performance evaluations include assessing timely completion, adherence to contract requirements, and quality of work completed. Results of performance evaluations can affect a contractor’s prequalification status and ability to bid on future projects. In fiscal year 2020, MDOT awarded 736 construction and 1,064 consulting projects totaling approximately $1.61 billion and $329.2 million, respectively.

Audit Objectives

  • To assess the effectiveness of MDOT’s efforts to evaluate contractor performance.


Estimated Release Date: POSTPONED

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