Camp Licensing, Bureau of Community and Health Systems - 641-0453-22

Description of Agency

The Licensing and Regulatory Affairs’ (LARA’s) Adult Foster Care and Camp Licensing Division, within the Bureau of Community and Health Systems (BCHS), licenses and monitors children’s and adult foster care camps operating in the State of Michigan. The Division’s mission is to prevent harm and provide protection to those persons who are reliant on camp services. Children’s and adult foster care camps are licensed for a two-year period and are required to submit a license renewal application and have an on-site inspection annually to ensure ongoing compliance with the Child Care Organizations Act, Public Act 116 of 1973; the Adult Foster Care Facility Licensing Act, Public Act 218 of 1979, as amended; and related Michigan Administrative Code rules. Children’s camps are childcare organizations that operate residential, day, troop, or travel camps that provide care and supervision in a natural environment for more than 4 children, apart from their parents, relatives, or legal guardians, for 5 or more days in a 14-day period. An adult foster care camp, or adult camp, is an adult foster care facility that has the approved capacity to receive more than 4 adults to be provided foster care and that is located in a natural or rural environment. BCHS expends $600,000 annually to monitor the approximately 1,000 children’s and 6 adult foster care camps licensed in Michigan.

Audit Objectives

  1. To assess the effectiveness of BCHS’s efforts to license children’s and adult foster care camps.
  2. To assess the sufficiency of BCHS’s efforts to investigate and resolve complaints.
  3. To assess LARA’s compliance with select statutory requirements.


Estimated Release Date: November 2022

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