Bureau of Elections - 231-0235-21

Description of Agency

The Bureau of Elections (BOE) assists with the administration of the Secretary of State’s election-related duties and responsibilities. BOE maintains the State’s Qualified Voter File (QVF), which is the complete list of approximately 8.0 million registered voters in Michigan. BOE offers guidance and develops and provides training to the 1,603 county, city, and township clerks who independently administer elections under their jurisdiction. BOE prescribed post-election review procedures focused on confirming election procedures were properly followed and election equipment functioned properly. County clerks conduct the majority of these reviews with the remainder conducted by BOE. BOE reviews the results to identify training opportunities for clerks prior to future elections.

Audit Objectives

  1. To assess the sufficiency of BOE’s efforts to maintain the integrity of the QVF.
  2. To assess the effectiveness of selected application access controls over QVF and the Electronic Poll Book.
  3. To assess the sufficiency of selected BOE post-election review procedures to help ensure the integrity of elections.
  4. To assess the sufficiency of BOE’s efforts to establish and provide training to the county, city, and township officials who are responsible for conducting elections.


Estimated Release Date: Early 2022

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