Adult Education Program - 186-0720-18

Description of Agency

The Adult Services Division (ASD), Department of Talent and Economic Development, administers the Adult Education Program. This Program provides an opportunity for adults to improve or achieve education levels equivalent to those of high school graduates. Instruction is tailored to meet the individual needs of adult students, and standardized tests identify existing skill levels, appropriate instruction, and academic gains due to instruction. The Program serves approximately 35,000 students each year. In fiscal year 2017, Michigan allocated $25 million from State appropriations and $11 million from federal grant money to over 130 providers of adult education.

Audit Objectives

  1. To assess the effectiveness of ASD’s efforts to monitor the Adult Education Program.

  2. To assess ASD’s compliance with certain rules and regulations.

  3. To assess the appropriateness of ASD’s funding to eligible fiscal agencies and providers.


Estimated Release Date: August 2020

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