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Performance Audit of the Bureau of Correctional Industries

Receives AOPTA Award for Six-Month Period - Ended June 30, 2009

Scott Strong, Deputy Auditor General, is pleased to announce that the performance audit of the Bureau of Correctional Industries, Department of Corrections (DOC), is the winner of the Audit Operations Project Team Award (AOPTA) for the six-month period ended June 30, 2009. The audit team consisted of Elmer Hess, supervisor; team members Ryan Austin, Dennis McMillan, and Hilary Goerge (retiree); Laura Hirst, Audit Division Administrator; and Mary Jo Koschay, Audit Manager.

This audit reported seven findings, including one material condition. The material condition highlighted that the Correctional Industries Revolving Fund has operated at a loss for several consecutive years, even though by law it is required to be a self-supporting system. The audit team also noted that the Fund continued to operate several unprofitable factories, had high supervisory overhead, and had paid prisoners for being idle during the years it reported losses. In addition, the audit team identified the need for the agency to develop a business plan, a marketing plan, and a continuous quality improvement (CQI) process and to survey customers. The team also identified issues with price setting and scheduling and utilization of delivery trucks.

There has been a very high level of media and legislative interest in this report as was evidenced by approximately 15 articles published by various media outlets and requests from legislators for meetings and hearings to discuss the report. Also, because of the State’s current budget crisis, the audit report is very timely in that it identifies an area within DOC that should either be shut down or be changed to become more profitable. Actions taken as a result of the audit could provide significant savings to the State.

In recognition of their selection, the audit team members will be Mr. McTavish’s guests for lunch, will have a letter of commendation placed in their personnel and evaluation files, and will have their names engraved on the AOPTA plaque.

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