Allegations the OAG Will Investigate

The OAG focuses its efforts on allegations of fraud, waste, or abuse involving State government officials, State employees, and entities receiving State money or other support.

Allegations the OAG Will Not Investigate

Allegations involving the federal government, units of local government, or nongovernment entities that do not have a contract or grant with a State governmental agency generally are outside of our constitutional and statutory authority.

In addition, we employ a risk-based approach when deciding on allegations to investigate. Generally, allegations against State employees regarding personal matters, rude conduct of an occasional nature, human mistakes, or insignificant matters or allegations without sufficient factual basis typically would not warrant the use of our investigatory resources.

Even if the OAG does not have jurisdiction over your allegation, there may be another State, federal, or local agency that may be able to help you. Click on “Find Help With Your Allegation” (coming soon).