Measurement of State Highway Pavement Conditions - 591-0300-16

Description of Agency

Pavement condition data is necessary to help determine the State’s preventive maintenance, rehabilitation, and reconstruction needs and costs for Michigan’s highway system; to project future pavement conditions; and to identify the impacts of treatments. The pavement condition of Michigan’s 122,310 miles of public roads is measured by the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) and the Transportation Asset Management Council (TAMC). MDOT’s responsibility is for the 9,668-mile State trunkline system, as well as sample segments requested by the Federal Highway Administration. TAMC oversees a comprehensive unified data collection of pavement condition at the State, county, and city levels.

Audit Objective

To assess the effectiveness of MDOT’s and TAMC’s coordinated efforts to measure State highway pavement conditions.


Estimated Release Date: May 2017

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