Completed Projects

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Completed Projects – 2017

Name Category Project # Released
Office of Infrastructure Protection 071-0127-16 20170718July 2017
Women’s Huron Valley Correctional Facility 471-0241-17 20170713July 2017
Bureau of Branch Office Services 231-0333-16 20170711July 2017
Selected Programs of the Design Division 591-0166-17 20170710July 2017
Michigan Public School Employees’ Retirement System 071-0164-17 20170707July 2017
Total State Spending Paid to Local Units – Section 30 071-0031-17 20170630June 2017
Revenue Subject To Constitutional Limitation – Section 26 071-0030-17 20170630June 2017
Office of Business Development – Follow-Up Report 591-0350-15F 20170630June 2017
Bureau of State Lottery Contract Audit 20170629June 2017
State of Michigan Single Audit 000-0100-17 20170628June 2017
Michigan Statewide Automated Child Welfare Information System (MiSACWIS) 431-0520-16 20170627June 2017
Motor Fuel Tax Systems 271-0525-16 20170620June 2017
State Public Universities’ Reporting of Selected Higher Education Institutional Data Inventory (HEIDI) Data 331-0300-17 20170613June 2017
Unclaimed Property 271-0130-16 20170517May 2017
Michigan Economic Development Corporation 271-0406-17 20170512May 2017
Great Start Readiness Program 313-0260-15 20170511May 2017
Statewide Change Management Controls 071-0520-16 20170509May 2017
Measurement of State Highway Pavement Conditions 591-0300-16 20170509May 2017
Office of Aeronautics 591-0190-16 20170420April 2017
Capitated Rate Setting, Contracting, and Beneficiary Enrollment Processes of the Comprehensive Health Care Program 391-0701-16 20170412April 2017
Self-Insurers’ Security Fund 641-0101-17 20170404April 2017
Farm Produce Insurance Authority Contract Audit 20170403April 2017
SOMCAFR 071-0010-17 20170330March 2017
Michigan State Employees’ Retirement System 071-0151-17 20170324March 2017
Michigan Strategic Fund 271-0401-17 20170324March 2017
Michigan Military Retirement System 071-0158-17 20170321March 2017
Clean Michigan Initiative Environmental Protection Programs 761-0217-16 20170316March 2017
Michigan Education Trust Contract Audit 20170313March 2017
Michigan Education Trust Contract Audit 20170313March 2017
State of Michigan 457 Plan 071-0157-17 20170227February 2017
State of Michigan 401K Plan 071-0156-17 20170227February 2017
Michigan State Police Retirement System 071-0154-17 20170227February 2017
IT Project Management 071-0585-16 20170224February 2017
Bureau of Services for Blind Persons 641-0230-16 20170210February 2017
Michigan Legislative Retirement System 900-0140-17 20170208February 2017
Michigan Judges’ Retirement System 071-0153-17 20170208February 2017
Michigan Public School Employees’ Retirement System 071-0152-17 20170208February 2017
Flint Emergency Expenditures 000-2016-17 20170131January 2017
Michigan Finance Authority Contract Audit 20170123January 2017
Bottled Water Regulation 791-0225-16 20170118January 2017
Collection of Delinquent Unemployment Taxes and Reimbursements – Follow-Up Report 641-0316-11F 20170111January 2017
Office of Economic Development – Follow-Up Report 591-0135-13F 20170110January 2017
Bovine Tuberculosis Program 791-0110-16 20170110January 2017
Michigan Gaming Control Board 271-0900-15 20161228December 2016
Early On – Follow-Up Report 313-2000-12F 20161228December 2016
Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity of IT Systems 071-0511-15 20161215December 2016
Michigan Education Savings Program Contract Audit 20161210December 2016
Bureau of State Lottery Contract Audit 20161210December 2016
Mackinac Bridge Authority Contract Audit 20161210December 2016
State Sponsored Group Insurance Fund Contract Audit 20161210December 2016
State Building Authority Contract Audit 20161210December 2016
Unemployment Insurance Agency – Unemployment Compensation Fund Contract Audit 20161210December 2016
Unemployment Insurance Agency – Obligation Trust Fund Contract Audit 20161210December 2016
Unemployment Insurance Agency – Contingent Fund Contract Audit 20161210December 2016
Unemployment Insurance Agency – Administration Fund Contract Audit 20161210December 2016
Grand Rapids Home for Veterans – Follow-Up Report 511-0170-15F 20161209December 2016
Great Lakes Water Quality Bond Fund Expenditures 761-0400-16 20161110November 2016
Records Management 071-0835-16 20161110November 2016
Parole Eligibility Consideration Process 471-0121-16 20161103November 2016
Michigan Medical Marihuana Program 641-0435-16 20161103November 2016
Field Services System Operations Section 591-0167-16 20161101November 2016
Michigan State Housing Development Authority Contract Audit 20161026October 2016
Emergency 9-1-1 Fund 271-0265-16 20161026October 2016
Septage Waste, Campground, Public Swimming Pool, and Onsite Wastewater Programs 761-0321-16 20161026October 2016
Michigan State Disbursement Unit 431-0142-16 20161012October 2016
Renaissance Zone Program – Follow-Up Report 271-0425-11F 20161006October 2016

* Section 18.1462 of the Michigan Compiled Laws states:

“Within 60 days after the final audit is released, the principal executive officer of a state agency which is audited shall submit a plan to comply with the audit recommendations to the department. The plan shall be prepared in accordance with procedures prescribed by the principal department. Copies of the plan shall be distributed in accordance with the administrative guide to state government. Copies shall also be distributed to relevant house and senate appropriations subcommittees, relevant house and senate standing committees, fiscal agencies, and the executive office.”